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Image of a young woman with red curly hair with green top and black pants. The woman is facing directly and smiling.

About Darcy


Darcy is a Registered Psychologist who values the power of authenticity, relational healing, and moving towards an integrated self.

Darcy works primarily with adults and is experienced in working with identity struggles, impacts from trauma, (including PTSD, complex PTSD), anxiety, (diagnosed or general experiences of anxiety), and disordered eating/diagnosed eating disorders. Darcy utilises a Health at Every Size lens (HAES), Neurodivergent-affirming framework, and prioritises working with our LGBTQIA+ community (as a proud member herself). Darcy is also skilled at working with disabled communities, including Autistic folk and ADHDers in the neurodivergent community, (self-identifying, exploring or diagnosed).


Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride Flag: the flag includes 6 different coloured rainbow horizontal lines, with five arrow-shaped lines to the left (black and brown stripes, along with the colors pink, light blue and white). A purple circle over a yellow triangle is on top of the chevron on the left half.
Transgender Flag: six horizontal lines alternating between light blue, light pink and white
Disability Pride Flag: five diagonal lines in red, yellow, white, blue and green on a black background
Aboriginal Flag: two horizontal stripes, black at the top and red on the bottom with a yellow coloured circled on top in the centre
Torres Strait Islander Flag: two horizontal lines green and below at the top and bottom. Blue background with a white dhari (dancer’s headdress) at the centre

About Alfie

Darcy's 3 year old Groodalier (Golden retriever x poodle x cavalier king Charles), Alfie, often joins her during therapy sessions where he may offer emotional support and comfort for clients (where appropriate).

Alfie will complete his formal Therapy Dog Training with 'Therapy Dogs Australia' in 2024.

More on this soon!

Alfie from Authentic Self Psychology is a Groodalier dog
A white circle with a green outline of a paw stating 'Assistance Animals Welcome Here' in green and black writing

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