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Contact and Enquiries

Contact Authentic Self Psychology in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria.

New Client Enquiries are welcome. 

We also accept referrals.

New Client Enquiries

If you are looking to book in an appointment with Authentic Self Psychology, that's great! You are most welcome to click here to book in a New Enquiry Call with Darcy first. This call is a 15 minute  commitment free initial discussion with Darcy with a view to determine whether she is the right 'fit' for you and your healing journey.

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Information for Referrers

Authentic Self Psychology accepts referrals via Fax (03 9125 5801), HealthLink (EDI: authslfp) and Medical Objects.


If any of the above referral options are not accessible for you or if you'd prefer, you can click here to request our online referrral form. 

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Contact & Location

Authentic Self Psychology is located in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria.

Our space is located on Ground level and is wheelchair accessible.

Oakover Rd
Preston VIC 3072

Fax: 03 9125 5801

Health Link EDI: authslfp

Book a new enquiry call with Darcy

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